NPP Warm-Up

The Non-Pro Player Committee initiated warm-up sessions at the 2015 ITG Conference specifically for Non-Pro/Comeback Player to assist in the art of warming up.

Previous Non-Pro Player Warm-Up Sessions:

2022 ITG Conference  – Ryan Gardner - Daily Starters / Exercises

Ryan Gardner’s morning warm-up session with the non-pro player community was well attended and brought a fresh perspective to fundamentals. Participants were introduced to stretches and breathing exercises, as well as mouthpiece and slurring exercises from the teachings of Boyde Hood. Attendees were guided toward finding their easiest, most beautiful tone, and the collective trumpet sound was impressive as the session progressed. The warmup also introduced improvisation as a part of a daily fundamental routine and provided new ideas on how to make fundamentals transferable to other areas of playing. (Julia Bell)

2021 Virtual ITG Conference  – Anne McNamara

2019 Miami, Florida – directed by Brian Shaw

2018 San Antonio, Texas – directed by John Irish - John Irish Warm Up

2017 Hershey, Pennsylvania – directed by Judith Saxton

2016 Anaheim, California – directed by Jason Bergman - Bergman Warm Up Routine 

2015 Columbus, Ohio – directed by Jeff Piper


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