NPP Master Class

The Non-Pro Players Committee is responsible for selection and recommendation of the Non-Pro Players Master Class pedagogue. The Non-Pro Player Master Class concept is to give a class where instead of lecturing on a topic, the pedagogue asks selected players to play in front of the attendees while the pedagogue notes the good and bad aspects, makes suggestions, etc.  In other words, presents a master class where the performers are not students, but “Comeback Players” or “Non-Pro Players”.

Previous ITG Conference Non-Pro Players Master Classes:

2024 Anaheim, California –  Jason Dovel – Trumpet Rules of Thumb

Jason Dovel gave an impressive and informative masterclass for non-pro trumpeters after his 8:30 a.m. warm-up class. Dovel included tips and tricks, his “Rules of Thumb” for embouchure, tempo, intonation, endurance, phrasing, breathing efficiency, and “unbreaking” bad habits. Two concepts that serve as cornerstones in his teaching are embouchure and endurance. Regarding embouchure, he shared, “Mouthpiece pressure is not the ‘boogeyman;’ rather, where the pressure is being applied is the boogeyman.” He stressed the importance of more pressure being distributed on the bottom lip than on the top lip. Endurance is helpful to think about as a budget – how much does it “cost” you for each note you play?Three non-pro trumpeters performed for Dovel, and all demonstrated marked improvement after receiving Dovel’s useful advice.  The audience, including one person who was a friend and colleague of the legendary pedagogue Sigmund Hering, was very supportive and aided in great conversation. (Jacinda Ripley and Sarah Stoneback)

2023 Minneapolis, Minnesota –  Christopher Moore – Ease of Playing... Beauty in Sound

Following an exhilarating prelude performance by the Berklee College of Music Trumpet Ensemble, Dr. Christopher Moore gave an insightful masterclass to the members of the Non-Pro and Comeback Players group. Each performer was given new ideas and concepts to incorporate into their own fundamental routines. These concepts are centered toward each performer’s ability on their instrument. They focus on addressing issues related to ease in performance and capturing greater efficiency while focusing on creating a beautiful sound and instilling these concepts into their everyday playing. Each performer developed their ease of sound through buzzing the mouthpiece, doing note bends, and developing great breath control. (Angela King)

2022 San Antonio, Texas – Ryan Gardner – Enjoy and Improve

With a warm, welcoming approach, Dr. Ryan Gardner invited attendees of his morning masterclass to play for him— a scale, warmup, etude, or anything they wanted to play. With each of the volunteers, he exemplified the qualities that we know make him an impactful teacher. In his teaching, he led with questions and curiosity with an emphasis on embracing the positives. Within that positive framework, he still caught on to opportunities for improvement and addressed them immediately. Each of the players demonstrated significant improvement in just a short time working with him. He engaged not only the learners, but also the entire audience so that each person was able to walk away feeling inspired and empowered. (Brianne Borden)

2021 Virtual ITG Conference – Anne McNamara

2019 Miami, Florida – Brian Shaw

2018 San Antonio, Texas – John Irish

2017 Hershey, Pennsylvania – Judith Saxton -  Alexander Technique / Alexander Technique Resources

2016 Anaheim, California – Jason Bergman

2015 Columbus, Ohio – Jeff Piper

2014 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania – Tina Erickson

2013 Grand Rapids, Michigan – Jim Olcott, From the Heart

2012 Columbus, Georgia – Bill Pfund


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