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ITG Executive Officers  

ITG President: [email protected]

ITG Vice President/President-Elect: [email protected]

ITG Secretary: [email protected]

ITG Treasurer: [email protected]

ITG Past President: [email protected]

ITG Staff  

Affiliate Chapters Coordinator:   [email protected]

Membership & Journal Delivery:  [email protected]

ITG Web Site Director: [email protected]

ITG Legacy Endowment: [email protected]

ITG Journal Staff  

ITG Journal Editor: [email protected]

ITG Journal, Web Site and Conference Program Advertisements: [email protected]

ITG Publications Production Manager: [email protected]

Book Reviews and Dissertations Editor: [email protected]

Calendar Editor - Journal and Web Site: [email protected]

Chamber Music Connection Editor: [email protected]

Clinic Editor: [email protected]

Cornet in the Brass Band Editor[email protected]

Historical Instruments Window Editor: [email protected] 

Inside the Orchestra Section Editor[email protected]

ITG Profile Editor: [email protected]

Jazz Corner Editor: [email protected]

Jazz Editor: [email protected]

Music Reviews Editor[email protected]

News Editor for the Journal and Web Site: [email protected]

Orchestra Section Profile Editor[email protected]

Pedagogical Topics for Trumpet: [email protected]

Product/App Reviews Editor[email protected]

Profile Editor: [email protected]

Recording Reviews Editor[email protected]

The Student Corner Editor: [email protected]

Studio/Commercial Scene Editor[email protected]

Young Artist Award Editor: [email protected]

Trumpet in the Wind Band Editor: [email protected] 

Competitions and Contests

Competitions Coordinator: [email protected]

Conference Scholarships: [email protected]

Orchestral Excerpts Competition: [email protected]

Solo Performance Competition: [email protected]

Jazz Improvisation Competition: [email protected]

Carmine Caruso International Jazz Trumpet Solo Competition: [email protected]

Ellsworth Smith International Trumpet Solo Competition: [email protected]

ITG Conference Staff

Conference Coordinator: [email protected]

Conference Artist Committee Chair: [email protected]

Conference Advertising Manager: [email protected]

ITG Web Site Staff  

Web Site Director: [email protected]

News From the Trumpet World Editor: [email protected]

Calendar of Events Editor: [email protected]

Employment Opportunities Editor: [email protected]


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