U.S. Navy Fleet Band



The United States Navy Band, Fleet Band Activities, has the responsibility of providing world class musicians to our nine  Fleet/Area bands located around the world.  A small program, made up of about 420 personnel, our musicians are recruited from some of the Nation’s finest music schools and organizations.  

As a Navy Musician, you will represent Sailors in the United States Navy at ceremonies, public concerts, national and international tours, while performing with some of the best musicians from around the country.  

Navy Musicians must be well versed in a broad range of musical styles and demonstrate the highest level of performance on their respective instrument.  We pride ourselves on setting the high standard, through both musical performance and appearance, which exemplifies the professionalism of each Sailor in our United States Navy.

For specific information on how to become a Navy Musician, including audition requirements, please visit our website at: 


or call the Audition Supervisor at (901) 874-4316.

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