Call for Non-Pro Player Articles

ITG members are called to submit either a topic proposal or completed article for potential publication in the ITG Journal and/or in the Non-Pro Player (NPP) section of the ITG Website. Additionally, the author may be invited to present the article at a future ITG Conference.

The topic of any submission should be of interest to the typical NPP or specific sub-group.

The ITG definition of “NPP” is any trumpet player who does not derive the major portion of their income from performing or teaching trumpet. As such, a NPP’s playing expertise may lie anywhere from beginner to that of a highly competent professional player.

Articles must conform to the ITG Journal article guidelines, which can be found on the ITG Website (, and are subject to peer review by the ITG Editorial Committee. The Author Release Form must be completed prior to publication.

Please submit articles or topic proposals to: 
Dan Hallock 
Chair, Non-Pro Players Committee
[email protected]


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