Chroma Collective at Lincoln Memorial University

Trumpeters Hollyn Slykhuis and Abby Temple, along with pianist and vocalist Erin Henke, visited Lincoln Memorial University on Monday, February 20, to perform a recital as the Chroma Collective. Chroma Collective combines music and art in a way that is engaging and fun for their audiences, whether that happens in a classroom, concert hall, art gallery, or more. They promote historically marginalized composers in their performances, and design programs so audience members find the artist within themselves.

Chroma Collective performs Connor Johnson's Snowmelt | sunbeam

The trio performed a variety of pieces, from classics by Rachmaninoff to contemporary works from Connor Johnson and Samara Rice. As is the case for all Chroma Collective performances, the audience took part in joining the creativity, breaking down the barrier between performer and audience member. The attendees were provided with paper and colored pencils prior to the event, and Chroma Collective encouraged participants to draw what the music made them feel. The event culminated in a group effort as volunteers came to the front of the stage and displayed their artwork to the performers so that the trio could improvise music based on their drawings. 

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Chroma Collective improvises based on the audience's artwork

Members of Chroma Collective (L to R: Hollyn Slykhuis, Erin Henke, and Abby Temple)

(Source: Ben Bruflat)

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