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Position: Graduate Trumpet Teaching Assistantship


A limited number of assistantships are awarded by the School of Music to outstanding candidates who are pursuing graduate music degrees. Non-degree (including certification-only) graduate students are not eligible to receive graduate assistantships or fellowships.


Assistantship application forms are in Microsoft WORD and are to be typed on, printed, and saved as a pdf from the link below.




Some School of Music Assistantship Awards for 2023-2024 may include the Bunton-Waller Minority Assistantship, a 10-month stipend of $11,430 for half-time, or the Trumpet TA for 10 hours weekly, approximately $10,395 for quarter-time, with duties including performing in the Graduate Brass Quintet and other School of Music ensembles. These grants-in-aid cover the full tuition and fees associated with tuition. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores from the General Test are not required for consideration of assistantships and fellowships for performance applicants.

Stipend:  Approximately $10,395 plus full tuition remission.

There might be a forthcoming update to these aforementioned amounts, as these were last year’s figures!


Duties: Performing with the Graduate Brass Quintet, assuming leadership positions in conducted School of Music ensembles, teaching as appropriate to the area and strengths of the applicant, and/or other service for no more than 10 hours weekly.


Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in music, admission to the Graduate School, and the playing of a successful audition.


Audition:  At least 30 minutes (it could last longer) of material comparable to repertoire for an undergraduate senior recital, representing a variety of musical styles.  Basic Orchestral Excerpts may be included.  Assistantship applicants must audition in person.  If an applicant has any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Langston J. Fitzgerald III, trumpet professor, [email protected] or [email protected] to inquire about the audition requirements and to set up a date/time for an audition. Please feel free to call Fitz as well. Contact numbers are listed below in the signature.


Please be sure to read all about prospective graduate student information on our website at  BEFORE submitting the online Penn State Graduate Admission Application.


Please select the "major" of "Performance" in the online application for the correct "degree" to appear - - Master of Music.


All of the supporting materials listed below are to be UPLOADED to the online Graduate School Admission Application:


1) One (1) COPY of OFFICIAL transcript from all institutions of higher education attended, both undergraduate and graduate.


*A copy of an official transcript is a scan of an official transcript/mark sheet (ordered from your institution registrar’s/equivalent’s office) converted into .pdf or .txt format and uploaded into the education section of the admission application.  You are required to upload a copy of official transcript(s)/mark sheet(s) for each institution you have previously attended. Click on the tool tip in the education section at the time of application for more information.  You should not upload transcripts marked as unofficial transcripts, advising transcripts, any transcript printed from your university student site, or otherwise.  International applicants must submit official or attested university records, with certified translations if the records are not in English. Notarized copies of the official transcripts are not sufficient.

Current and former Penn State students must list Pennsylvania State University in the education section, but are not required to upload a transcript. If Pennsylvania State University is selected from the Name of Institution drop-down box, the upload capability will be removed for that entry.

2) Two letters of reference (References may write on school/personal letterhead -we do not have a form.  They will be sent an email to let them know where and how to upload their letter to your online application.)


3) Statement of goals (a typed statement outlining your long-range professional goals and how graduate study at Penn State will help you attain these goals)


4) Repertoire list of solo materials, noting works performed (typed list of music you've studied and music you've performed as a soloist.)


5) Recital program(s) from a solo recital or other major performance (opera, performance with orchestra, etc. The recital program should list the performer's name, date of the performance, and the repertoire that was performed)


6) School of Music Graduate Assistantship Application form (You must submit this form if you wish to be considered for any of the assistantships awarded by the School of Music.)

Assistantship application forms are in Microsoft WORD and are to be typed on, printed, and saved as a pdf from the link below.



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